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We provide online tutoring in the areas of Reading, Writing, English, Science, and Mathematics. Students who are deficient in any or all of these areas may work online
with certified teachers and or professors to assist them in improving their skills.

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Hello and Welcome! I see that you made it to our site!

We are Phoenix Educational Group, Inc., a global educational company. Phoenix is an online program to assist you in the areas of Reading, Writing, English, Science, and Mathematics.

If you want to improve and or excel scholastically, then you have reached the right site. Phoenix will help you face to face via online in the comfort of your home or wherever whenever you schedule an hour session of e-tutoring.

We at Phoenix Educational Group understand that tutoring helps students discover their strengths and encourages them to develop in areas of Reading, Writing, English, Science, and Mathematics. The individual attention that Phoenix offers will allow students to become more comfortable in and out of the classroom.

Benefits of Tutoring:

  • Online Tutoring helps to improve grades.
  • Online Tutoring increases your chances of mastering high stakes tests.
  • Online Tutoring prescribes students effective ways for studying.
  • Online Tutoring helps you to maintain or advance your scholarly skills.
  • Online Tutoring inspires you to learn.
  • Online Tutoring helps gain confidence in any subject area.
  • Online Tutoring helps students to gain organizational skills and practice study habits.
  • Online tutoring help students stay abreast with technologically savvy for the 21 st Century and beyond.
  • Private online tutoring motivates students to ask questions and learn more.

Phoenix Educational Group, Inc. exists to advance individuals to compete in the world.

Statistical Facts

Did you know…?

“Did you know that 39% of youth do not graduate from high school each year?” “There’s no single reason but, research has shown it’s mainly because of difficult transitions, deficient basic skills, and a lack of engagement. The majority of dropout areas are in northern and western US cities, and throughout southern states.”
Source: www.all4ed.org (2009).

Did you know that the lack of education is a leading factor to crime?

Did you know the penal system is constructed by the number of non-readers in third grade?

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